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[Aion] Abey 4.8 Chanter PvP

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Все видео пользователя: Abey.
Просмотров: 95955

Gear: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/gearcalc/17839

Stigma build: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/cHCGKLN65



1. The Prototypes - Kill The Silence (ft. Ayah Marar)

2. Feint - We Wont Be Alone (ft. Laura Brehm)

3. Stan SB - Anyone Out There

4. Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela)

5. Tantrum Desire - Oblivion (ft. Solah)

6. Tantrum Desire - Reach VIP

7. Ryos - Eclipse (ft. Allisa Rose) (Champion & Cartoon Remix)



Sony Vegas Pro 13

NVIDIA Shadowplay


With the launch of 4.8, I wanted to make a PvP video again to show you guys how I'm playing with the few changes to chanters. In my opinion there are no bad things that have happened but then again, other classes got boosted too.

I didn't find any success at fighting templars that are somehow geared and know what they are doing. It's either me kiting in block-set forever or getting facerolled by them.

I found more success by using Soul-Lock instead of Splash-Swing (even tho the cooldown got reduced) since you don't have to place certain stigmas to be able to have blue/gold stigmas available. Altough I dont have the vision-stigma unlocked yet, I think its poop compared to what other classes have.

What you see in the video is me pretty much from the first day of the update until now (11 days of recording).

Even tho the new maps seem nice for PvP, I'm usually getting run over by groups in the more populated areas or I spend a lot of time running around in the other areas to find one person that doesn't want to PvP or is hugging guards, but thats just Aion.

If you want to ask me something, feel free to post it in the comments!

~abey ( ° °)

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