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Neverwinter Mod 13 - DPS GF Build 2018

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Все видео пользователя: Integrity Games.
Просмотров: 25441

This video comes with detailed explanations of why I made the decisions I did. See below to skip to good parts. (Sound normalizes at 30 seconds, sorry in advance)

Ability Score: 16:30

Feats @ 9:09

Boons @ 18:50

Companions @ 22:00

Mount Insignias @ 27:15

Encounters @ 2:41

Gear @ 33:19

Rotation Demonstration @ 39:08

Disclaimer: Build is not 100% BIS currently, see discussion in comments to figure out how you can take this build, add to it, then make it your own to be 100% best in slot.

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